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Book 1


One More Miracle may be what you have been searching for and didn’t know it. Is there something missing in your life? Just maybe it is God but not just God but a Miracle giving God that brings your life into focus with Miracles and today’s and tomorrow’s technology. Read this book carefully and see if Miracles make sense to you. Why not Miracles today? Why not we serve the same God? Our future which has tremendous technological possibilities to come may rely on Miracles. With Miracles from God we can do many things and we can truly believe in our future on distant planets and moons and even beyond to the stars with God providing Miracles every step of the way. You may have a friend or family member that needs a miracle. Read this book and let it increase your belief in miracles. Begin to pray for miracles to occur in your life everyday. Everybody needs a miracle, so let miracles become part of your daily life.

Book 2

Miracle Awakening

What Will the Future Be Like?
By Kenneth Foley

Can we unlock the future of mankind with prayer? What is the mystery of the future? Can we conquer diseases, technology, and space travel though prayer? What secrets lie in asking for God’s help? Can and will God hear and answer our prayers, or will we reach out into the planets and stars alone without God’s help? What will be your place in the future of a fast-moving world of technology?